• Client ZoominStudios.TV / Category Brand development
From B2B to B2C

As the 5th largest Multi Channel Network globally, ZoominStudios.TV has a firm eye on the future; their business model is evolving and importantly is shifting from a B2B to B2C centric business model. We were asked to develop a new brand identity for Zoomin that enabled them to continue to connect with their B2B partners in the right way whilst developing a visual language that appealed more directly with their end consumer and their content creators. We saw a great opportunity to create something unique and dynamic, that would hero their core product, video content. With distribution in 17 languages across 26 markets; the brand also needed to translate across broad cultural and geographic boundaries. With this in mind, our vision was to create a strong, clean, iconic and independent symbol that connects the different channels, divisions, views, colors, opinions and attitudes that make up the brand. Staying consistent and true to the holistic brand identity, whilst allowing for personalisation through a dynamic system, never static and always moving, constantly adapting to each environment without losing recognisability.