• Client Xenos / Category Re-branding
Brand Identity and Brand Book

Xenos is an international retail chain with over 250 stores specialising in the sale of home, household and gift items. Founded in 1973, the name Xenos means ‘strange’ or ‘foreign’ in Greek; Xenos brings items from the 4 corners of the world, all under one roof. In an ever changing marketplace and a subsequent need to re-position its business, Xenos approached us to help them bring their brand identity bang up to date, give a solid base for the coming years and position for a potential de-merger from parent company Blocker Holding. An exciting and challenging project that stretched from our involvement in bringing the brand strategy to life, through to the full development of their visual brand assets. Our goal was to ground the brand identity in its rich and exotic heritage from it’s beginning in the 70’s whilst ensuring it was relevant and connected with the consumer of tomorrow.