Moscow Community Football Program

  • Client Nike & #Tagsport / Category Branding
One Two Play

An inspiring sports program in Moscow that leads the fight for accessibility for all children to a high quality football program. One Two Play challenges the traditional face of Russian football. The door to football now swings open 
to welcome both boys and girls, beginners or experts, all capabilities (regardless of physical or mental health issues ), race, color, privilege, everyone is equal here. Nike and #Tagsport asked us to bring their program to life, we were delighted to help.
An english brand name with a local look; the geometric shapes in the typography reference the iconic and graphic Russian constructivism movement. The brand mark also directly references a football line up, the 3-3-4 formation, of round and square shapes organized into a cohesive whole references the diversity, inclusiveness and team spirit of the game and program.