NIKE - One Two Play

Branding and Communication

Playing football in Russia can be tough, a ‘winning at all costs’ mentality that drives a culture of results driven football means it’s difficult to play ‘just for fun’. Fortunately, not everyone thinks the game should be played this way; driven by parents who wish to help their kids develop in a healthy way and by coaches who see their role not just about teaching football, but ‘coaching’ in it’s purest sense. One two play challenges and dares to change the face of Russian football forever. In this program all kids are welcome to come and play, have fun and learn together, regardless of their skills, capability, background or gender. Everyone is equal here. Football is the common language and the game of football belongs to every child.

Together with #TagSport and Nike’s Global Community Impact, we brought the brand to life, we were responsible for naming, branding, identity, illustrations, various communication assets and an extensive identity guideline book.

Collaboration: Samenmetmax

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