• Client Gall & Gall / Category Social media campaign
Gall & Gall: Try January - Social media campaign

January is widely seen as a time where we press the ‘re-set’ button after the celebrations and often indulgence of the Christmas period. This post Christmas period is traditionally know as ‘Dry January’ where we look to be a little more mindful and healthy in our consumption and lifestyle. It always feels to us that using the word ‘Dry’ feels like a term that translates as doing without, swopping what we like with what we think we should have, abstaining. A little flat, tasteless and boring.
We took a twist and called this ‘Try’ January simply because we feel that it’s a perfect moment to showcase how good the Low and No-Alcohol offer at Gall & Gall really is. Our goal was to showcase the wide and exciting range of products, coupled with exciting recipes to try out, that can still allow you to have an adult beverage that tastes and makes an occasion.
No more ‘Dry’, switch to ‘Try’.