Bugaboo Ant Campaign

To introduce the new Bugaboo Ant, their lightest, most compact stroller yet, we created a modular campaign that fits todays needs of fast mass content consumption. Instead of delivering one ad, or one expensive video, we created building blocks; a copy platform, over 30 fun infographics containing 100+ icons, a dozen slick 3D visuals, both in still and motion, 50+ images from photoshoots in studio and on location whilst also capturing motion footage on these days. The result is a campaign as versatile as the product. Agile and all year around evergreen communication, still and motion, that has the capability to express all of the products amazing features and that can be tailored to every market.

Curious to see more of the campaign executions? Keep an eye on our projects page as we will be posting more deep-dives into the various components of the campaign.