The Ayacucho Way

Autumn and Winter Seasonal Campaign

Our goal for the Ayacucho seasonal campaign was to continue sharing the meaning and messages of the brand and with that to inspire consumers in European markets. At this more tactical level, we continued to strongly link the product story back to the values and beliefs of The Ayacucho Way. For the photography of the seasonal campaign we used simple and modest natural locations with very simple props and elementary styling all linking back to the native traditions and dress of the Ayacucho village. We decide not to use models, but real couples that embrace life and the outdoors. We used non-commercial photographers, actually wedding photographers that are used to capturing spontaneous, real moments and connection, to create genuine images. Creating an inspiring message that links to the everyday life of our consumers while showcasing some great new product, right for the season. Pure, humble, wholehearted, The Ayacucho Way.

Collaboration: Samenmetmax


Ayacucho brand for Bever sport


Seasonal Campaign