The Ayacucho way

If you venture deep into the Andes Mountains, you’ll find the Peruvian region of Ayacucho. Life there isn’t easy. The weather is harsh and villagers have to travel miles uphill to farm inhospitable fields. But none of that holds the people of Ayacucho back. Whatever hardships they face, they simply get out there and embrace whatever the world throws at them. Their positivity is the inspiration for the brand-campaign we developed for the equally rugged range of products designed to overcome the challenges of the great outdoors. We took the opportunity to introduce the European market to the wisdom, value’s and belief’s of the people from the Ayacucho region in Peru; sharing this through the brand campaign and on into tactical use in seasonal campaigns. Whether you’re preparing to climb Mount Everest or brave the urban jungle, do it with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. It’s the Ayacucho way.

Photography: Krijn van Noordwijk
Collaboration: Samenmetmax


Ayacucho brand for Bever sport


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